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CNBC Speaks with Daniel Julien about Teleperformance Inclusion to the CAC 40.
Bloomberg Speaks with Daniel Julien About Teleperformance Inclusion to the CAC 40.
Manage dispersed teams more efficiently with TP Cloudshoring.
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We rapidly migrated our agents to work-at-home during COVID-19 pandemic.
Knowledge services: automation and analytics
TP clients received more than just basic business continuity plans.

See how Teleperformance clients are already using our High-Tech, High-Touch model to overcome the impacts of COVID-19.

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See how Teleperformance clients are already using our High-Tech, High-Touch model to overcome the impacts of COVID-19.

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This is just a very quick email to pass onto you all (and your team) my genuine gratitude and thanks for all your continuing support and hard work in helping the Royal Navy with our recruiting effort. …I know the professionalism, dedication and hard work of you all ensures we carry on attracting people to join the Royal Navy today and in the future.

Royal Navy - UK

I have been incredibly impressed by the team effort in getting what you have done. I have been immensely proud of your efforts in ensuring we get as many people supporting our customers as possible – this has meant the cross-skilling of some, and indeed a change of channel (or both) for others. To see that effort also translate into positive results is a fabulous achievement.

NPower, UK

Your team is doing a PHENOMENAL job working with us right now. TP clearly stands out as the partner that has given us the greatest sense of urgency, insights into what is happening across GEOs to plan for, and in rapidly spinning up capacity at a pace for GEOs, LOBs and headcount we never would have dreamed of pre-COVID19.  Despite everything on their plates, the responsiveness has been off-the-charts amazing – virtually around the clock.

Sirius XM, USA

I just wanted to say a big thank you and well done for all the hard work you have carried out in the last two weeks trying to set up the teams to work from home. It's been really impressive to see how proactive you have all been and it feels really good now to see some stability and know that you and the teams are all safe.

Photobox, Albania

TP's support through these times and its adaptability confirms that we have chosen correctly our strategic partner.

Despegar - Latam

At Grubhub, our priority is delivering an exceptional customer support experience - something that is now more important than ever as we navigate the COVID-19 landscape. Teleperformance has always been a valuable partner to our business and their responsiveness and agility as ou agents’ needs have evolved have played a pivotal role in ensuring our customers are still getting the exceptional support that we’ve promised always deliver.

Tricia Thomsen

Director, Care (Outsource Partners)

Thank you for all Teleperformance’s support during this contingency, which has allowed us to continue providing an excellent service to our Club Premier Members base. And especially for the incredible assistance of the call center agents, who are the pillar of this company.

The home-office process initial results seem to be very positive, so we are now prepared for an even greater potential eventuality that could arise.

Raúl Gutiérrez – Club Premier

VP IT & Operations

Thank you very much to the entire Teleperformance team. I appreciate your professionalism, corporate values, and your management in the face of this COVID crisis.

Thank you for taking care of yourself as an AM-TP team. I send you a hug, my thanks, and please take good care of yourself, too.

Ivette Bistrain

Contact Center Director

My total thanks to the entire team that has made it possible for us to be remotely working from home in such a short time. A great effort has been made by everyone and they have been very long days, but in the end, the objective was achieved. I am sure that from this situation will come many learnings and new forms of attention and service. Thank you.

Juan Angel Gonzalez


Dear amazing TP Heroes -- THANK YOU for holding our lines during this challenging time! THANK YOU for enabling all employees for work at home. We are grateful having you as our partner on our side! We are stronger than the virus!

Management Team

I wanted to say thank you on behalf of D&G for enabling Home Working so quickly. This has enabled us to continue offering a service to our customers whilst also generating crucial new business.

International Operations Director